About Us

Here at UK Bunded Fuel Tanks we have over two decades of experience when it comes to building fuel tanks for your specific needs.

We pride ourselves in fabricating high quality fuel tanks to our own unique designs and on the fact that we are an expert team of bunded fuel tank manufacturers.

We build our tanks from the strongest materials to comply with current UK and EU legislation and we ensure each individual tank receives rigorous quality checks at each stage of the production process, which is backed up with our ISO 9001 certification.

UK Bunded Fuel Tanks also provide all of your fuel tank accessories that are designed to carefully considered specifications and of the highest possible quality.

We offer many different kinds of accessories, ranging from maintenance and safety devices to equipment for active usage of fuel units.

Whether you need a bespoke tank or you want to choose one from our wide range of stock, we can deliver throughout the UK.

We supply Bunded Oil Tanks, Bunded Waste Oil Tanks Site and Tow Bowsers in capacities ranging from 500 – 120,000 litres and we are very competitive on our pricing.

If you need your new tank installing, we can provide this from our nationwide network of installers.

Our trusted installations have gained us recognition in the industry and we have built up trusted relationships with our clients in industries ranging from agricultural to commercial customers.

We also have a team of dedicated experts who can transport your tank in environmentally sensitive locations.

When it comes to customer service we are proud to say that we are second to none.